Google Trip

Berghs School of Communication

This is a school project on the theme sustainable tourism. My group chose to work with Google, as it is a service that many people already use while traveling, and not least Google Maps. Our task was to develop a service or product that makes tourists travel more sustainable. My role during this project was to visualize the concept.

Our idea is an extension to Google Maps. Where Google optimizes your journey by gathering your desires regarding sights and experiences all in one place. Based on the desires, Google plans a completed route so you can navigate around as smoothly as possible on your journey.

The concept is with the help of fun and relevant references and rhymes (X), Google encourages you to "Plan your next X with Google Trip".

Berghs School of Communication, 2019
Team: Sebastian Pandonis (AD), Linus Hessle (Digital Design), Hamest Artin (Strategy) Lisa Tellbe (Growth Marketing), Ibrahima Sonko (PR), Hanna Lilja (Production Leader), Malin Welin (Prooduction Leader) and me, (Designer).